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10+ Years Of Loving Existence In Ecommerce Sector

Beebay Kids has been around in existence for over a decade and prides itself in creating unique and quality children wear. Setting up a high standard by using best quality fabrics, latest cutting and stitching techniques, Beebay has established itself in the heart of the Kidswear market all over India and overseas.

Proper quality control checks ensure that there is no scope of error when it comes to maintaining the international standard. As opposed to other market leaders, Beebay goes the extra mile by even following the protocols that are not legally required but are necessary to ensure that the kids only get to wear the best possible dresses.


Comfort is the primary target for all the fabrics. Kids are always running around, playing and our fabrics make sure that they are comfortable doing what they doing and still look chic and vibrant in the delightful colour choice that the clothes come in.


Putting our little clients first is what makes us the best in the industry, and we intend to stay at the top by following best practices and staying true and honest to our customers.

Bees are hardworking creatures who produce quality honey that supports life. We pride ourselves in calling us a “Beebay” or “A bay of bees” because we also create something that clothes our lifelines, ie our kids. Whatever we do is always for our children and we understand the need of each and every parent to provide the best for their little ones.

Founded on April 6, 2008 by the Fashion Industry icon of last six decades, Mr. Satish Chander Jain, Beebay went through the turbulent road to be where it is today. The momentum and direction provided by our visionary led us to transform and evolve into the hardworking bay of bees that we are today.

The quest to provide the best possible fabric, style, design and colours inspired us to expand us to these heights and our honesty, dedication and our esteemed customers’ constant support made sure that we stay on the top.



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